Best Salon for Hair Smoothening in Gurgaon

Hair Smoothening Process: Choose the Best Salon in Gurgaon

Frizz is not easy to deal with, especially when you have beautiful curls that poof up as soon as you take a brush to them. While a solid hair care routine does help at some level, not everyone discovers enough time to indulge their hair with oil massages and hair masks. That is why there are treatments like hair smoothing and hair straightening that help convert the structure of the hair, making it more manageable. While both these treatments result in sleeker hair, there is a minor difference between the two.

Straightening hair is often our last resort or probably the first remedy to rectify frizzy and fuzzy hair. While a few do this to control their hair, a majority get their hair straightened to sport a stylish look. But does straightening provide the hair with a fake texture? Is smoothening hair a better choice than straightening?

What is Hair Smoothening?

Hair smoothing is a short-term treatment that also goes by the names Brazilian blowout, keratin treatment, and protein treatment. The process includes saturating your hair with a formaldehyde solution followed by drying it out and using a hair straightener to lock your hair in a straight position. However, the chemicals used for smoothing hair are not as strong as the ones used in hair straightening treatments. This makes this treatment less destructive. But, it is not ideal for all hair types.

Hair smoothening is a chemical procedure that includes saturating the hair through a formaldehyde solution. After saturating the hair, they are dried out and secured in a straight position using a heating iron. Formaldehyde is a deadly mixture, the use of which requires expert supervision. But the process does have certain side effects such as irritation in the eyes, skin and upper respiratory tract.

On the other hand, the hair straightening procedure causes more harm than hair smoothening. But it can straighten up even the curliest hair. It is permanent, indicating that the treated hair will stay directly until the point when your normal hair starts growing again.

So Smoothening is always a better choice than straightening. Smoothening creates hair look natural soft, compared with the results from straightening that can provide the hair pin-straight tips, which contributes a fake look.

Be sure to choose Best Salon for Hair Smoothening in Gurgaon that does the service in a well-ventilated area. "Do research. Ask the salon for the exact name of the product they use and Google that name along with 'material safety data piece. Or try one of the new smoothing treatments that exchange formaldehyde for gentler ingredients. Rather than break the hair's disulfide bonds, they fold or hold them, making hair frizz-free and bright but not stick-straight.